Over the past half-century, families have gathered annually in the beautiful hills of Montecito at La Casa de Maria Retreat Center. For one week in July, the usually quiet grounds are filled with the voices of children and their parents as they experience God’s love together. La Casa Christian Family Retreat offers families of all shapes, sizes, and denominations an opportunity to come together to worship, learn, laugh, heal and grow closer in love.

The week-long retreat is presented by a volunteer team of families who share a deep, abiding faith in God, Jesus and the movement of the Holy Spirit. They come from Protestant, Catholic, and non-denominational backgrounds, which allows the camp to celebrate the best each tradition has to offer. We gather to be one Church, focusing on what we have in common, instead of what could divide us.

Family Retreat has affectionately been called  “the happiest place on earth,” a “home away from home,” and even “a little slice of heaven.” Come and see for yourselves. We’d love to welcome your family at La Casa de Maria this coming year.

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